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New patches available

 Aprilla Design's patches are finally here and available on our online shop, don't miss them!

Aprilla Design Dealer

Soon available on our website the awesome patches from Aprilla Design, stay tuned:

Follow the link to check availability : click here


We are very proud to announce a new collaboration with our dear friends at Vehement Knifes. As of today they you will be able to see their entire knife collection on here and as new blades are produced we will update their knife page and send you a news letter so you don't miss it.

Get to know them better by going to their Info page! ...if you need custom work or just want to make them some easy questions on their products you can use this form!

Grey Ghost Gear - Minimalist Plate Carrier

When approaching the market for a Plate Carrier I was looking for something basic, as I'm not working in combat zones, and functional! But mainly something of good quality at a reasonable price.. Plate Carries can really reach some crazy prices but again it only depends on what you really need it for! If,like myself you're into tactical shooting you don't really need a PC with side plates and all the features you would find on a full battle PC! (this does not mean you can't use the PC in war zones) So my search started and I came down to 3 different manufacturers offering something a similar product. The Grey Ghost Gear Minimalist Plate Carrier was my final choice for 2 simple reasons; 1) I know the company, they are serious professionals and are always offering new and innovative products; 2) they propose quality stuff at very interesting prices! In my many years of experience and I'm quite sure all of you would agree with me, the expensive gear is not always the best!

So this is the Minimalist plate carrier from Grey Ghost Gear:


New FMJ Duo patch URBAN version

Here the new URBAN version of the FMJ Duo patch. Get them till they last!

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